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AIF for Airplanes and Balloons

Last Updated on 28 Dec 18.

Release Notes:  The Pre-flight Risk Assessment Worksheets in both the AIF and AIF-G have been changed.  This change removes the Wind Chill Chart and replaces it with a simple outside air temperature based risk assessment.  The current version of contents page is also updated as required.  The CAP electronic risk assessment process is also being changed effective 7 Jan 2019.  As a result, these pages should be inserted in all AIF binders on or as soon as possible after that date.

Required Forms Furnished By National HQ

(Download a zip file containing all the NHQ provided AIF content by clicking here.)

Outside Front Cover - Configuration/Inspection

Inside Front Cover - Aircraft Grounded Placard

Front Sleeve (Face) - Table of Contents

Front Sleeve (Rear) - Administrative Preflight Checklist

Document 1 - AIF Layout

Document 2 - Current Version of Contents (updated)

Tab #1

Aircraft Flight Time Log 1

Aircraft Flight Time Log 2

Aircraft Flight Time Log 3A

Aircraft Flight Time Log 3B

Tab #2

Equipment/Inspection/Document Requirements

Removal of RCOM-100

Tab #3

VOR Test Record & Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Tab #6

Density Altitude Chart

Tab #10

Pre-flight Risk Assessment Instructions

Pre-flight Risk Assessment Worksheet (updated)

ARCHER Log (for ARCHER-equipped GA8 aircraft only)


Last Page - Crosswind Chart

Outside Back Cover - Loose / Removable Equipment

Data Required To Be Furnished By Local Wing or Unit

Tab #4

Aircraft-specific V speeds

Photocopy from POH checklist or Engine STC

Tab #5

Aircraft-specific Weight and Balance data

Photocopy of latest A/C Weight/Balance documents

Tab #6

Aircraft-specific Cruise Performance data

Photocopy from POH or Engine Handbook

Tab #7

Aircraft-specific equipment instructions

Tab #8

Wing/Region CAP Radio Channel Info

Tab #9

CAPR 70-1, 62-2 and additional CAP Regulations, as needed

Tab #11

Unit/Wing/Region CAPR 62-2 Supplement

Unit/Wing/Region Mishap Notification Procedures

Tab #12

Unit/Wing/Region Maintenance Authorization Procedures

Tab #13

Unit/Wing/Region Specific Items

Tab #14

Local Procedures Specific to the Local Area

Inside Back Cover

Non-member Flight Release (CAPF 9)

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