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AIF for Airplanes and Balloons

Last Updated on 21 May 18.

Release Notes:  The term Operational Risk Management has been changed to "Pre-flight Risk Assessment."  This terminology change is intended to avoid confusion between risk management as a process and this specific risk control.  Within the Pre-flight Risk Assessment Worksheet (RAW), the column headings Low, Moderate, High, and Extreme have been replaced with Minimal, Reduced, Nominal, and Elevated/Special Conditions.  This was done to avoid labeling a single permitted or waivered factor as a High or Extreme risk.  The previous terms are still used in reference to total score ranges to remain consistent with the risk assessment matrix currently being used within CAP/DO.  Additionally, the term “Type” has been removed from the PIC Currency factor.  This makes the factor consistent with FAA 61.57 requirements for recent flying experience in CAP aircraft (no type rating required).  Aircraft Flight Time Log 2 has been updated to remove language that was inconsistent with the latest USAF Approved Pilot Proficiency Profiles, which now support glider and tow flights.  The Current Version of Contents document is also updated as required.

Required Forms Furnished By National HQ

(Download a zip file containing all the NHQ provided AIF content by clicking here.)

Outside Front Cover - Configuration/Inspection

Inside Front Cover - Aircraft Grounded Placard

Front Sleeve (Face) - Table of Contents

Front Sleeve (Rear) - Administrative Preflight Checklist

Document 1 - AIF Layout 

Document 2 - Current Version of Contents (updated)

Tab #1

Aircraft Flight Time Log 1

Aircraft Flight Time Log 2 (updated)

Aircraft Flight Time Log 3A

Aircraft Flight Time Log 3B

Tab #2

Equipment/Inspection/Document Requirements

Removal of RCOM-100

Tab #3

VOR Test Record & Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Tab #6

Density Altitude Chart

Tab #10

Pre-flight Risk Assessment Instructions (updated)

Pre-flight Risk Assessment Worksheet (updated)

ARCHER Log (for ARCHER-equipped GA8 aircraft only)


Last Page - Crosswind Chart

Outside Back Cover - Loose / Removable Equipment

Data Required To Be Furnished By Local Wing or Unit

Tab #4

Aircraft-specific V speeds

Photocopy from POH checklist or Engine STC

Tab #5

Aircraft-specific Weight and Balance data

Photocopy of latest A/C Weight/Balance documents

Tab #6

Aircraft-specific Cruise Performance data

Photocopy from POH or Engine Handbook

Tab #7

Aircraft-specific equipment instructions

Tab #8

Wing/Region CAP Radio Channel Info

Tab #9

CAPR 70-1, 62-2 and additional CAP Regulations, as needed

Tab #11

Unit/Wing/Region CAPR 62-2 Supplement

Unit/Wing/Region Mishap Notification Procedures

Tab #12

Unit/Wing/Region Maintenance Authorization Procedures

Tab #13

Unit/Wing/Region Specific Items

Tab #14

Local Procedures Specific to the Local Area

Inside Back Cover

Non-member Flight Release (CAPF 9)

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