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Change Notice:  The training content listed below is now available on the AXIS Learning Management System (LMS).  If the course is not on your Main Portal, go to the Course Catalog tab, use the pulldown to select "Pilot," then enroll in the desired course(s).  Training content related to mission equipment or procedures can be found on the NESA web site.

Garmin Aviation Manuals

A recent change to the Garmin website may make it more difficult for you to find a Pilot's User Guide or other documentation.  Follow the instructions in this document to negotiate the new website structure -- How to Find Garmin Aviation Manuals.

Aircraft Familiarization Courses

  • CAP Cessna Aircraft Differences

  • CAP Cessna Autopilot Differences - now integrated into the course above

  • Cessna Short-field and Soft-field Technique

  • Gippsland GA8 Airvan Familiarization

  • Maule MT-7-235 Familiarization Course

  • Blanik L-23 Cockpit Familiarization Course

Aircraft Avionics

  • Aspen EFD 1000

  • Garmin G3X Touch

  • Garmin G1000 (VFR, IFR, Instructor, and NXi Transition)

  • Garmin G500

  • Garmin GMX 200

  • Garmin GNS 430-530

  • Garmin GNS 480

  • Garmin GTN 650-750

  • Garmin MX20

Electronic Flight Bag Webinar

The following link will take you to a free 90-minute webinar on flying with the iPad -- EAA/Sporty's iPad Webinar

Training Devices

The following links provide access to computer-based simulations of Garmin avionics.  Inclusion of links to these resources does not imply Civil Air Patrol endorsement of any product or service provided by these vendors.


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