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Aircrew Professionalism

CAP's Aircrew Professionalism Model

CAP aircrew are aviation professionals -- volunteers who safely and competently perform a wide variety of complex missions for a diverse set of customers.  CAP's record of mission success and safety in this demanding environment isn't a matter of chance.  It reflects the values, knowledge and competence of our aircrew and an organizational commitment to excellence. 

CAP strives to ensure that all its aircrew understand the need for professionalism in everything they do.  To that end, all aircrew are required to take CAP's Aircrew Professionalism Course.  This course explains the foundational elements of CAP's Aircrew Professionalism Model, which are embodied in CAP's Aviators Code of Conduct and Aircrew Code of Conduct, as well as the values of commitment, discipline and accountability.  Development and sustainment of aeronautical skills, situational awareness and judgment are supported by knowledge of environment, risk, aircraft, self, and team.  These elements are reflected in the construction of CAP's Standardization and Evaluation programs and in the organization of the Aircraft Operations web pages.    


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