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Aircrew Professionalism

Communications from the National Commander

Video message re: Aircrew Professionalism

Memorandum for all Civil Air Patrol Aircrew Members re: Aircrew Professionalism

NEW: Codes of Conduct published as CAPP 70-10 and CAPP 70-11

The CAP Aviators Code of Conduct

The CAP Aircrew Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Recommended Practices

NEW:  Aircrew Professionalism Commitment moves to AXIS

As of 1 July 2019, all CAP aircrew that have not yet taken the Aircrew Professionalism Commitment will be enrolled in the Aircrew Professionalism course on the AXIS Learning Management System (LMS).  This course includes: the CAP National Commander's communications, the Codes of Conduct, and a case study.  The course should be available within a week's time.  This course will be made available to all new aircrew as a means of communicating CAP's organizational expectations with regard to professionalism. 


Aircrew Professionalism Commitment (Heat Map)



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