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Aircrew Professionalism

Communications from the National Commander

NEW: Video message re: Aircrew Professionalism

Memorandum for all Civil Air Patrol Aircrew Members re: Aircrew Professionalism

Aircrew Professionalism at the 2018 National Conference

Summary of Aircrew Professionalism Content Given by DOV

CAP Aviators and Aircrew Code of Conduct

On 4 May 2018, General Smith announced the launch of CAP’s Aircrew Professionalism Initiative in the memorandum provided above. Phase One of this initiative is focused on the individual and begins with clear communication of the organization’s expectations with respect to aircrew professionalism. To that end, Civil Air Patrol has established an Aviators Code of Conduct and an Aircrew Code of Conduct as guides to the ethical and professional behavior of its pilots and other aircrew.  The links below will take you to web pages containing those codes, as well as providing access to a printable copy.

We ask that all CAP pilots and aircrew read and familiarize themselves with the applicable document. Although much of what you will find in these "codes” may seem to be apparent, professional organizations often use ethical codes as a means of clarifying expectations and aligning both organizational and individual behavior with those expectations. We hope that the professional principles outlined in these document will serve those purposes for CAP.

The CAP Aviators Code of Conduct

The CAP Aircrew Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Recommended Practices

Code of Conduct Training

Guided Discussion for AOPA's Accident Case Study - "Everyone's Problem"







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