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FAA & ICAO information

Pilots can [and should] access official and up-to-date information on NOTAMs, etc. directly from the FAA website.  The links below are provided to access some of the more frequently visited pages.


49 CFR Transportation, PART 1552—Flight Schools
 - Subpart A—Flight Training for Aliens and Others 
 - Subpart B—Flight School Security Awareness Trng

ICAO Information

ICAO Flight Plan form (FAA Form 7233-4)  
ICAO Flight Planning Interface Reference Guide  
Instructions for Completing the ICAO Flight Plan 
N7110.601 (ICAO Flight Plan Instructions) 
FAA-Filing ADS-B Capability in an ICAO Flight Plan

CAP Exemptions

Refer to CAPP 70-4 Guide to FAA Exemptions
    - FAA Interpretation 1997-23
    - FAA Exemption 6485
    - FAA Exemption 11037
    - FAA Exemption 11037 BasicMed Clarification 17APR17

FAA Information

FAA Home Page

FAA Index of Aviation Handbooks and Manuals

FAA ACS (Airman Certification Standards) 
FAA ADS-B Performance Report
FAA Certification: Pilots/Flt/Gnd Instructors 
FAA Currency Requirements and Guidance for FR & IPC

FAA Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations

FAA Flight Plan Guidance
FAA-How to Get a Student Pilot Certificate 
FAA NOTAMS, TFRs, and Aircraft Safety Alerts
FAA Phraseology: Climb Via & Descend Via
FAA TFR List (Current)
FAA Safety Briefing
FAA Safety Site
FAA Designated Mountainous Areas (FAR 95.11)

Designated Mountain Areas





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