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FAA & ICAO information

Pilots can [and should] access official and up-to-date information on NOTAMs, etc. directly from the FAA website.  The links below are provided to access some of the more frequently visited pages.

ICAO Flight Plan Information

ICAO Flight Plan Guidance for CAP  NEW!

ICAO Flight Plan form (FAA Form 7233-4)  
Instructions for Completing the ICAO Flight Plan 
Filing ADS-B Capability in an ICAO Flight Plan 

CAP Exemptions

Refer to CAPP 70-4 Guide to FAA Exemptions
    - FAA Interpretation 1997-23
    - FAA Exemption 6485
    - FAA Exemption 11037
    - FAA Exemption 11037 BasicMed Clarification 17APR17


49 CFR Transportation, PART 1552—Flight Schools
 - Subpart A—Flight Training for Aliens and Others 
 - Subpart B—Flight School Security Awareness Trng

FAA Information

FAA Home Page

FAA Index of Aviation Handbooks and Manuals

FAA ACS (Airman Certification Standards) 
FAA ADS-B Performance Report
FAA Certification: Pilots/Flt/Gnd Instructors 
FAA Currency Requirements and Guidance for FR & IPC

FAA Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations

FAA Advanced Preflight After Maintenance
FAA Flight Plan Guidance
FAA-How to Get a Student Pilot Certificate 
FAA NOTAMS, TFRs, and Aircraft Safety Alerts
FAA Phraseology: Climb Via & Descend Via
FAA TFR List (Current)
FAA Safety Briefing
FAA Safety Site
FAA Designated Mountainous Areas (FAR 95.11)

Designated Mountain Areas





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