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ForeFlight Information

As part of the AF Total Force Program, CAP has been included in the AF purchase of the ForeFlight Military Flight Bag Performance application.

All CAP pilots with a VFR rating or higher and cadets participating in approved CAP flight training programs are eligible to benefit from this free program.

Due to the number of pilots wanting to take advantage of this benefit, the creation of member accounts is taking longer than expected, each account has to be manually processed.  Please be patient and allow your account to be set up, emails to the Foreflight team slows the process.  If you are new to Foreflight, you will receive a notification when your account is established.  If you already have an account, please see section 10.3 of the FAQs to see how you'll know when your account has been established.  The FAQs linked below will answer a majority of questions you may have. 

See the Frequently asked questions for more information.

Frequently asked Questions


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