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Green Flag

Welcome to the Surrogate Remotely Piloted Aircraft (SRPA) Green Flag Program! This site is designed to provide information on upcoming Green Flag Exercises at both  Alexandria, LA - Green Flag East (GFE) and Las Vegas, NV - Green Flag West (GFW).  Please use the information provided here to plan your participation in future exercises.  Sign Ups for each exercise location will be sent via email to all Green Flag (GF) members. Please wait for Official Exercise Announcements from each GF Administrator as Calendar Dates do change without notice. Thank you for your continued support of this vital mission!


Interested in Green Flag 

New Applications to Green Flag Group are selected each year. We are always looking to expand our participation and support.  If you wish to be considered for Green Flag University please wait for a formal announcement through your Local Wing Commander. We thank you for your interest in Green Flag Group!


Additional Green Flag Information

For Green Flag Schedules, Travel Documents, and Contact Information, click on the corresponding tab of the Green Flag menu item associated with this webpage.

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