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Single Pilot Resource Management (SPRM)

Although CAP typically executes missions using a crew-concept, a significant portion of CAP's flying is conducted by single pilots.  Although they may not have an onboard aircrew, single pilots are still responsible for managing a broad range of internal and external resources.  Effective SPRM requires a structured approach, discipline and self-knowledge.  For more information on SPRM, refer to the FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Single-Pilot Crew Resource Management handout.

The IMSAFE Checklist

IMSAFE is a mnemonic used by pilots to conduct a self-assessment of their fitness to fly.  Although CAP's preflight risk assessment worksheet includes references to IMSAFE or independent factors related to pilot fitness, the IMSAFE Checklist provides additional detail that can be beneficial.

Medications and Flying

It isn't just a matter of the medication you are taking -- consider the condition for which you are taking the medication!

FAA Handout -- What Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications can I take and still be safe to fly?

CAP Briefing on Medications and Flying

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