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Standardization & Evaluation Newsletters

Standardization & Evaluation Newsletters

Feb 2024 - Newsletter

How to Get an IFR Clearance at non-Towered Fields (SM R. Phillips ALWG)
The Best Flight I Never Flew (LtCol B. Herkert MOWG)
G1000 and CO Detectors
Doors opening in-Flight.
The Dark Side of Visual Approaches (AINsight)


Jan 2024 - Newsletter

Mountain Qualified?
Airvans Forever?
Anti-Collision Lights (Maj B. Schmelz, INWG)
Your Full Attention (Maj M. Banner, FLWG)
Enjoy the View (LtCol B. Herkert, MOWG)


Dec 2023 - Newsletter

Spoofing GPS (AVWeb)
Fuelish Mistakes (AINalerts)
Back to Basics - Navigation:
Doing Nothing (Capt Gianna, NYWG)


Nov 2023 - Newsletter

Braking Badly (Maj M. Banner, FLWG)
Winter Flying
CO Detectors (Maj J. Doyle, NVWG)
How it’s Done: A model for handling emergencies (AVEMCO)


Oct 2023 - Newsletter

PUSH to Keep-em-Flying (LtCol F. Workley AZWG)
Tail Strikes
Lessons Learned (2nd Lt. R. Carhart, MDWG)


Sep 2023 - Newsletter

Back to Basics: Rush and Go – NOT!
Back to Basics: Airworthiness
Lessons From a Low-Level MTR Survey (Capt. D. Beadle, SM R. Eyre, SM C. Lewis, SM J. Ellis, NVWG)
CAP Responds to Maui Fires
Who You Gonna Call? (AVWEB)
Fat Fingers! (EAA)
New Look for the AWC website (AINsight)


Aug 2023 - Newsletter

Handle With Care (Maj M. Banner, FLWG)
Confusion, Ambiguity Assumptions and Safety (Capt B. Trussell, DEWG)
Safety in the Practice Area (M. Schwartz, ATP, A&P, CFI)


Jul 2023 - Newsletter

Back to Basics - Descent Planning
Teaching the ACS for Landing (LtCol J. Lee, MAR)
Back to Basics – Spin Training
The History of Drones (Flying Magazine)


Jun 2023 - Newsletter

Overshooting Final (CEN21FA215)
NTSB Releases Alert on Circling Approach Risks (AINsights)
Weather Cameras Now in Maine (FAAST Blast)
Carb Heat (Flying Lessons)
Staying cool – avionics cooling fans required (Maj M. Banner, FLWG)


May 2023 - Newsletter

Taking care of our engines (SM J. Ellis NVWG)
Teaching to the ACS – Normal Takeoff (J. Lee LtCol, MAR)
Back to Basics: The short field takeoff


Apr 2023 - Newsletter

Flying in Moisture (
More on Engine Outs and the Propeller – (LtCol C. Mayer VAWG)
Windmilling Prop versus a Stopped Prop
Drones Forever
Pilot’s Role in Avoiding Collisions – (LtCol P. Holt TNWG)
Pitching to Vx NOT!


Mar 2023 - Newsletter

Pulling the prop after engine failure (LtCol S. Lipson TXWG)
Taking Off and Landing with a Tailwind
Back to Basics: VFR Altitudes
Runway Incursion (P. Corman, Mooney Flyer)


Feb 2023 - Newsletter

The Minimum Operational Network (MON) and the Future of VORs (Maj A. Alwin MNWG)
Landing with another airplane occupying the same runway! (Maj D. Oppenheim LAWG)
Watchful eye (Maj M. Banner FLWG)


Jan 2023 - Newsletter

Determining Airworthiness Using the KOEL (Maj M. Banner, FLWG)
How to Conduct a CAP MX Flight – A9/B9/C9 (Lt Col M. Duc, CAWG)
End of a Cirrus (LtCol P. Kerr LAWG)
Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and Complex Aircraft
Profile 7, 11, & 12 Proficiency


Dec 2022 - Newsletter

Advanced Preflight After Maintenance (LtCol P. Holt TNWG)
Propeller Safety
Pilot’s Role in Collison Avoidance (FAA AC 90-48E)
Back to Basics – Performing a Go Around
The Heat is On – Cold Weather Flying Tips (FAA Safety Briefing)
Checking the spinner
Basic Med Update


Nov 2022 - Newsletter

Back to Basics - Stall and Slow Flight proficiency
Winter Flying
AINsight: CBD Still Risky Business for Pilots (Dr. R. Sancetta)
Pre-flighting the flaps
Don’t taxi over ropes!


Oct 2022 - Newsletter

Back to Basics: Radio Communication
Flying Alaska (Maj J. Gibertoni AKWG)


Sep 2022 - Newsletter

Composite versus Lowest Tilt
Profile A7 Progress
Calling ATC
CAP and Sirius XM
Flying Tail draggers


Aug 2022 - Newsletter

Wake Turbulence – AIN Insights
Caution: Helicopter Wake Turbulence (NAFI eMentor)
Wing and Power Loading Implications (Maj M. Banner FLWG)
Rehearse for the Worst! (LtCol P. Holt TNWG)


Jul 2022 - Newsletter

Back to Basics: The Airspeed Indicator
Adjusting airspeeds for actual weight:
JOG Charts (LtCol S. Lipson/LtCol M. Eberle TXWG)
UND electrical Simulator (LtCol S. Lipson TXWG)
More on Mag Checks (LtCol G. Stinson KYWG)
Contact Approaches
What do G limits really mean?


Jun 2022 - Newsletter

Magneto Checks with a G1000 (LtCol S. Lipson/LtCol M. Martin TXWG)
Keeping the CAP Fleet Fit
Runway Excursions, Circle-to-land Risks Eyed at BASS (AIN Online)
Check Pilot and Instructor Pilot Required Knowledge
Hot Spot Symbology
Flying Multiple Aircraft


May 2022 - Newsletter

Mystical Secrets of Nexrad Revealed
Recognize unstabilized approach on final (Maj M. Banner)
REACT on Takeoff
Lessons from AF447


Apr 2022 - Newsletter

Engine Failure
Winds of change (Maj M. Banner)
CAP’s Canine Volunteer Partners Take to the Air (2ndLt D. MCCrossan)


Mar 2022 - Newsletter

Handling Emergencies
The importance of an honest self-assessment (Maj G. Michelogiannakis)
Striking airmanship (Maj M. Banner – originally published in CAP Safety Beacon)


Feb 2022 - Newsletter

Tire Pressure Revisited (Maj L. Helsten)
Back to basics – Oil
Problems Uploading Files?
Let’s go fly!
New Unleaded Fuel for CAP Aircraft in San Francisco Bay Area (SM Ashish Goel)
What Aircrews need to know about using UL94 (Capt Keith Breton)


Jan 2022 - Newsletter

Tire Inflation
Six Steps to Checkride Success (Lt Col D. English)
Practical considerations for flying CAP Missions
Revised AIF (NHQ/DOV M. Moyer)
An example of good pilot judgement (Lt Col T. Day)


Dec 2021 - Newsletter

Winter is Coming (or already here!)
Cold Temperature Restricted Airports
Extreme Ownership – A Commander’s Culture of Continual Compliance
Obstacle Departure Procedures
Operations Note: ATD & ATA


Nov 2021 - Newsletter

Preventing Taxi Accidents
GPS Interference
Special VFR for the CAP Pilot?
Flight Release – A Key Quality and Safety Process
Safety First? Fugettaboutit!


Oct 2021 - Newsletter

FAA Expands Weather Cam Coverage in Colorado, Montana (NAFI)
New InFO Updates Cold Temperature Restricted Airports Program
Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
Back to Basics - Latitude and Longitude
Picking up an aircraft from MX
Small Unfamiliar Airports
Who needs Charts?
Revised CAPS 72-2


Sep 2021 - Newsletter

The Runway is a Precision Instrument
Teaching Students how to handle Emergencies
The Dark Side of Foreflight
In person has advantages
A message from Safety - NTSB Part 830 Notifications


Aug 2021 - Newsletter

Slicing a Prohibited Zone
Briefing Decision Altitudes and Minimums
CAP, sUAS, and the New TRUST requirement
Interesting Article on ADS-B
Unstable Instrument Approaches
The 10 and 50 rule for ground effect
When to Declare an Emergency


Jul 2021 - Newsletter

Cadet Flight Training
Back to Basics - Descent Planning
Turning George (Autopilot) Off


Jun 2021 - Newsletter

NASA ASRS - God's gift to Aviators
Leaning the Engine
Cross Wind Limit


May 2021 - Newsletter

What ESP is NOT 
Garmin G1000 NXi ESP Training Profile
Helping Pilots Transition to the C182
Runway Shopping
Normalization of Deviance


Apr 2021 - Newsletter

How to Flunk your Annual F5 Check-ride 
Helping to prepare a pilot for a Form 5 Check-ride
Seatbelts in Cessna Aircraft with Airbags
Notes on the C182T from a Textron online seminar hosted by SCWG
Unsuccessful F5?


Mar 2021 - Newsletter

Forget About the Topographic Overlay 
CAPF 60-86 
Giving a Proper Form 91 is Critical


Feb 2021 - Newsletter

Giving a Proper Form 5 (F5) is Critical
Who is the PIC?
New Drone Rules to Advance Safety and Innovation (FAA)
New From the Flight Deck - Video Highlights Hold Short Instructions FAA)
Flying at Night


Jan 2021 - Newsletter

Back to Basics – Landings and Takeoffs
COVID Vaccine Guidelines from the FAA
How to Miscalculate TOLD
Medical Emergencies
CAP Flying is Different
Cold Weather Flying



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