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Standardization & Evaluation Newsletters

Standardization & Evaluation Newsletters

Dec 2021 - Newsletter

Winter is Coming (or already here!)
Cold Temperature Restricted Airports
Extreme Ownership – A Commander’s Culture of Continual Compliance
Obstacle Departure Procedures
Operations Note: ATD & ATA


Nov 2021 - Newsletter

Preventing Taxi Accidents
GPS Interference
Special VFR for the CAP Pilot?
Flight Release – A Key Quality and Safety Process
Safety First? Fugettaboutit!


Oct 2021 - Newsletter

FAA Expands Weather Cam Coverage in Colorado, Montana (NAFI)
New InFO Updates Cold Temperature Restricted Airports Program
Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
Back to Basics - Latitude and Longitude
Picking up an aircraft from MX
Small Unfamiliar Airports
Who needs Charts?
Revised CAPS 72-2


Sep 2021 - Newsletter

The Runway is a Precision Instrument
Teaching Students how to handle Emergencies
The Dark Side of Foreflight
In person has advantages
A message from Safety - NTSB Part 830 Notifications


Aug 2021 - Newsletter

Slicing a Prohibited Zone
Briefing Decision Altitudes and Minimums
CAP, sUAS, and the New TRUST requirement
Interesting Article on ADS-B
Unstable Instrument Approaches
The 10 and 50 rule for ground effect
When to Declare an Emergency


Jul 2021 - Newsletter

Cadet Flight Training
Back to Basics - Descent Planning
Turning George (Autopilot) Off


Jun 2021 - Newsletter

NASA ASRS - God's gift to Aviators
Leaning the Engine
Cross Wind Limit


May 2021 - Newsletter

What ESP is NOT 
Garmin G1000 NXi ESP Training Profile
Helping Pilots Transition to the C182
Runway Shopping
Normalization of Deviance


April 2021 - Newsletter

How to Flunk your Annual F5 Check-ride 
Helping to prepare a pilot for a Form 5 Check-ride
Seatbelts in Cessna Aircraft with Airbags
Notes on the C182T from a Textron online seminar hosted by SCWG
Unsuccessful F5?


March 2021 - Newsletter

Forget About the Topographic Overlay 
CAPF 60-86 
Giving a Proper Form 91 is Critical


February 2021 - Newsletter

Giving a Proper Form 5 (F5) is Critical
Who is the PIC?
New Drone Rules to Advance Safety and Innovation (FAA)
New From the Flight Deck - Video Highlights Hold Short Instructions FAA)
Flying at Night


January 2021 - Newsletter

Back to Basics – Landings and Takeoffs
COVID Vaccine Guidelines from the FAA
How to Miscalculate TOLD
Medical Emergencies
CAP Flying is Different
Cold Weather Flying



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