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Standardization and Evaluation

National Stan/Eval (DOV) Team Listing - click here

CAPR 70-1 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - click here

Post-Flight Inspection

Immediately after disembarking, CAP pilots are required to conduct a thorough post-flight of their aircraft.  Post-flight shall be conducted using the appropriate CAP Standardized Post-Flight Checklist provided below.  The PIC is responsible for taking note of all discrepancies and, as soon as possible, recording any previously unreported discrepancies in WMIRS using the Aircraft Discrepancy Log.  If there is any question regarding the airworthiness of the aircraft, leave the "Aircraft Grounded Placard" from the AIF on the pilot's seat prior to leaving the aircraft.

CAP Standardized Post-Flight Checklists

Standardization & Evaluation Officer Specialty Track

National Check Pilot Standardization Course (NCPSC)

CAP Pilot Fight Evaluation Forms

Aircraft Questionnaires

Flight Evaluation Exams

  • Navigate to CAPF 5 Annual Exam   
    This link will take you to the CAPF 5 exams. 
    You must pass the "General Exam" prior to taking the applicable aircraft exam(s).

Orientation Pilot Endorsement Quizzes

Check ride Trend Data Entry

Check ride trend analysis data is entered and reported in WMIRS 1.0.  Instructions for accessing this module from WMIRS 2.0 are included in the document below.  WMIRS 1.0 permissions are independent of 2.0 and may not change with duty assignment.  If you cannot access Trend Analysis, please submit a Help Desk ticket in eServices.


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