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Standardization and Evaluation

Change NoticeCAP Standards (CAPS) for flying operations became effective on 31 Mar 20 and are available under Members > Publication Library > Standards.  CAPS 71-series addresses standardization of training.  CAP 72-series addresses program standards (see additional information provided below).  CAPS 73-series addresses standardization of operational procedures.  Examinations that support the Form 5 process (e.g., the CAPR 70-1 General Exam and all the category-specific examinations (Powered, Balloon, Glider, and sUAS) and the Orientation Pilot quizzes), are currently available within AXIS.  Aircraft questionnaires (CAPF 70-5QA/B/G) and evaluation forms (CAPF 70-5A/B/G) supporting the Form 5 are available at Members > Publication Library > Forms.   

Standardization and Evaluation

CAPS 72-2 Mission Symbols

This standard replaces the web document previously published as a component of the Aircraft Information File (AIF).

CAPS 72-3 Aircraft Checklists

This standard explains the purpose of the CAP Standardized Aircraft Checklist program and procedures for its management.  CAP-approved checklists are available in eServices by logging on and going to the Operational Resource Management System (O.R.M.S.) >  Aircraft > Search Aircraft Checklists

CAPS 72-4 Aircraft Information File 

This standard explains the purpose of the CAP Aircraft Information Files (AIF) program and procedures for creation and management of AIFs.  The files needed to construct an AIF are now published under Members > Publications Library > Forms as CAPF 70-8, AIF Content and CAPF 70-8G, AIF Content - Glider. 

AirPlains Cessna 172 180HP Performance Data

Custodians of C172 aircraft equipped with an AirPlains STC for a 180 HP engine and a gross weight increase to 2550 pounds may want to consider adding the performance data provided at the hyperlink above to the AIF at Tab 6.  Although not FAA-approved, this manufacturer-provided data addresses the omission of relevant information from the STC AFM Supplement.

CAPS 72-5 Aircrew Evaluation

This standard explains CAP's Pilot Flight Evaluation process.  This process requires CAP Check Pilots (CPs) to construct a plan of action for administering flight evaluations and to provide pilots taking evaluations with information regarding what they should expect.  The following links provide samples that CPs can use to create their own documents.

CAPS 72-6 Aircrew Evaluation Criteria

This standard specifies evaluation criteria to be used for CAP-unique tasks during a CAP Pilot Flight Evaluation.

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