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Aircrew Professionalism

Aircrew Professionalism is a critical aspect of being a pilot or a crew member in Civil Air Patrol. 

View General Smith's video on Aircrew Professionalism

Important aspects of being a professional.

  • Knowledge of one's own abilities and limitations.
  • Knowledge of the aircraft limitations.
  • Respect for and compliance with Rules & Regulations.
  • Checks their ego at the door and operates in a professional manner.
  • Non-tolerance of those who don’t comply with Rules & Regulations.
  • Sound flying skills which are acquired through experience and a willingness to maintain a high degree of proficiency.
  • Offering expertise & assistance to pilots needing or requesting help.
  • Willingly promotes & utilizes effective Crew Resource Management.
  • Constant risk evaluation, not constant risk taking.
  • Staying focused & situationally aware while avoiding complacency.
  • Self-disciplined and consistent in application of good judgment during the decision-making process.
  • A healthy respect for the environment and has gained the courage and self-confidence to say "no" when appropriate and the ability and determination to turn around as options for continued safe flight begin to fade.
  • Consistently carries these attributes on each and every flight.

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