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Instructor Led Courses/Clinics

Flight Clinics References

CAP Pilot Flight Clinics (CAPR 60-2)
Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus (CAPP 52-7)
Flight Clinic Attendance Worksheet 
Flight Clinic Report Worksheet 
National Flight Academy Powered Syllabus
Night Flying Clinic (PPT) (PDF) 
Takeoff & Landing Flight Clinic Handbook (Instructor Material)
Takeoff & Landing Flight Clinic Briefing (PPT)  (PDF)


Mountain Flying Course

Mountain Flying Course & Exam
- Provides Instructor Materials and Test Access


Overwater Course

Over Water Ops & Recon Requirements 

Over Water Survival Classroom Course & Test 
- Provides:
   -- Over Water Survival Training Guide

   -- Instructor Materials
   -- Online Test Access

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