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CAP GIS Operations Situational Awareness Tools

CAP GIS Storymap

The CAP GIS Storymap can connect you to a visual representation of all CAP assets, disaster support operations, and other supporting links and information.  It is a continual work in progress to provide Situational Awareness to CAP Incident Commanders, the National Response Coordination Center Liaison Office, and others as needed.

CAP GIS Disaster Survey123 Application

Incident Data Collection Tool Explanation: Document

CAP Guide to Collection of High Water Marks: Guide

Survey 123 for ArcGIS is a simple and intuitive form centric field data gathering solution that makes creating, sharing, and analyzing survey results possible in three simple steps: ask questions, get answers, and make better decisions. Surveys can also be completed and submitted in a web browser but more preferable in the phone or tablet app. Survey 123 for ArcGIS is a powerful field data gathering solution. 

The CAP Geospatial Team has developed a Survey based on our multi-prong operations, from a team status report, to assisting FEMA with Building Damage Identification and High-Water Marks. The ability to report information and take a photo of various situations such as a plane crash, damaged building, high water mark, hazardous situation, or a clue, helps decision makers manage the response of an incident. 

The survey helps with the documentation of information without it being misinterpreted or mistakenly reported. Information is only touched once and seen immediately by the customer and/or incident commander.



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