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Grid Area Reference System

The National Search And Rescue Committee has been discussing changes to the United States Supplement to the International Aviation and Maritime Search And Rescue Manual (IAMSAR), and the drafts have included changes to move to the Grid Area Reference System (GARS) at least for catastrophic SAR operations, but discussions are still ongoing at the federal level.  When the US Supplement to the IAMSAR is changed, then CAP will follow suit accordingly.  In order for members to prepare, several training files have been made available.  Some transition time will have to be allowed, and we expect that this will mainly impact the mission base staff, requiring planners to convert latitude and longitude or other grid systems into GARS.  Field personnel, ground teams and aircrews will likely still be required to use traditional latitude and longitude based systems found in CAP GPS equipment.  As more is know, CAP National Headquarters will make it available here and in other venues.

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