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Collegiate Transfer Program



On 4 January 2022, the National Headquarters of CAP signed a Collegiate Matriculation Agreement with Frederick Community College (FCC), located in Frederick, Maryland for the transfer of completed NESA-MTT courses into college semester hours.  This included up to nine semester hours of college credit. This transfer will allow both Senior and Cadet members to,

  • Establish college enrollment and a transcript of courses through FCC.
  • Receive no-cost college course credit, from attendance at recognized NESA-MTT delivered courses, to be used towards the completion of an Associate Degree in Emergency Management.
  • Receive no-cost college course credit from attendance at recognized NESA-MTT delivered courses. to be used towards the completion of Certificate in Emergency Management (EM).
  • Acceptance into FCC as “In-State” residents and not be charged non-resident fees.
  • Allow for cadets (16 years and older) to have dual enrollment in high school and college.

At this time the following NESA-MTT courses have been recognized for college credit at Frederick Community College. These courses apply directly to EM core curriculums at FCC.

  • G141, Instructional Presentation and Evaluation Skills: 2 Semester Hours
  • G191, Incident Command System/Emergency Operations Center Interface: 1 Semester Hour
  • G289, Public Information Awareness: 1 Semester Hour
  • G290, Basic Public Information Officer: 1 Semester Hour
  • G291, Joint Information System/Joint Information Center: 1 Semester Hour
  • G300, Intermediate Incident Command System – 300 (ICS 300): 2 Semester Hours
  • G400 Advanced Incident Command System – 400 (ICS 400): 1 Semester Hour
  • G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions: 2 Semester Hours (being added)

To receive college credit, all classes must be located on a CAP AXIS transcript provided in CAP eServices. Also, as a reminder, all E/L series FEMA courses, taught on or off campus at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, are recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) for collegiate credit. Completion of the same (FEMA or NESA) courses through state training programs may or may not be accepted, depending on ACE evaluations. Currently FCC only accepts the above listed classes through NESA-MTT course deliveries.

For more information on NESA-MTT’s collegiate transfer programs, contact CAP’s FCC liaison at or (480) 298-2603. For more information on FCC and its Emergency Management programs go to

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