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  1. What is NESA-MTT? The National Emergency Services - Mobile Training Team (NESA-MTT) is a cadre of individuals providing the delivery of (primarily) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and CAP courses to members across the nation. All instructors have met, and in many cases exceeded, FEMA standards for being an instructor as far as subject matter expertise and instructional abilities. There is no cost for the classes; instructors teach pro bono.

  2. Do these courses replace courses provided through FEMA or State Offices of Emergency Management, and are CAP members expected to take classes from CAP only? No; they are the same provided by FEMA/states. They are offered to supplement the deliveries provided by FEMA/states; for locations needing weekend deliveries with lower class numbers. CAP members are always encouraged to first use their state EMAs as the primary source for Emergency Services training.

  3. Are there any costs for attending NESA-MTT courses? NESA does not charge for any courses, testing, or certificates. Host wings may request a small enrollment fee for printed materials and refreshments.

  4. Are these NESA-MTT certificates accepted by state EMAs and FEMA? FEMA fully accepts all CAP certificates. Most states do also; we are working with other states to insure they recognize our certificates. Whenever a class is scheduled, we communicate with the state; offering them the opportunity to audit our instructors at the deliveries. Again, this has not been an issue the past, as FEMA full recognizes the program as being one of high standards and academic quality.

  5. What courses are offered and how do we get them brought to our Wing? A wide range of Emergency Services courses are offered. Interested Wings should contact Dr. Bob Ditch at to determine what and when courses can be delivered. The Wing CC will request, through the Regional CC, to the National Headquarters Director of Operations a specific course and dates. Once approved. Dr. Ditch will work with the wing to get instructors scheduled.

  6. Are cadets allowed to attend NESA-MTTs? Yes. Cadets are authorized to enroll in classes if they meet prerequisites.

  7. Are Wing and Regional Conferences good venues for delivery of MTTs? Yes; they are best delivered at conference or as pre-conference deliveries; offering the greatest attendance. They can be offered in one, two, or three-day deliveries.

  8. Can course deliveries and classes be tailored to support Wing needs? Yes. We will always work to meet Wing needs. However, FEMA courses cannot be altered in any way; delivered as provided. Special courses have been developed by NESA to help meet any unique missions or identified training needs. This includes the two-day IC/IMT refresher course.

  9. Can NESA-MTTs be provided outside of CONUS? Yes; entirely dependent on funding, number of instructors required, students enrolled, and value placed on the Region/Wing for the courses delivered. Annual trips to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can be requested. Missions to Europe/Asia are plausible for suitable numbers; approved by NHQ/DO.

  10. Do attendees receive credit for attending NESA by attending one of the MTT deliveries? No. Graduates of NESA- MTTs do not receive NESA credit for completing the NESA-MTT training.  However, completion of the training course will show up in your eServices training record as NESA-MTT.

  11. How can I become an MTT Instructor? The instructor cadre is made up of individuals with substantial subject matter expertise, with an equal or greater background and credentials in adult education. All instructors are vetted by the MTT Coordinator and approved by the NHQ DO. Interested should contact the NESA-MTT Coordinator at .

Dr Bob Ditch, (480) 298-2603, NHQ/DOSI,, 1 July 2019

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