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Operation Pulse Lift - How to set up a Blood Donor Center

How To Request Setup of a Civilian Blood Donor Center Within

Operation Pulse Lift


1.  Qualification requirements: Participants shall all be active CAP members with a valid CAP ID and CAP101 card in their possession, and present in a correctly worn CAP uniform. All members must have completed General Emergency Services and have it noted in eService Operations Qualifications to participate in any Operation Pulse Lift (OPL) event. Any member not having those basic qualifications will not be allowed to participate and will not be covered under CAP or USAF insurance. Members filling specific ICP positions will either be signed off on that position in CAP eServices or have a designated trainer on-site to supervise them. This qualification will be reflected in their CAPF101.

2.  Event capacity:  The Wing POC will determine the personnel needed to support each OPL mission event.

3. OPL Blood Donor Center (BDC) request procedures: The first step in the BDC setup is to contact the National OPL Incident Commander (IC) at . He/she will provide you guidance and advise on best practices and other benchmarked processes to make your participation easier.

    a.  Wings that have not participated under the previous OPL Air Force Mission Number (AFAM) will require an initial request from their State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), requesting Wing support to a specific blood collection agency. The request will be forwarded to the OPL IC for processing through the CAP NOC to Headquarters 1AF. It will also be placed in the WMIRS mission files once the mission number is authorized for use. For those Wings, who do not wish to fall under the national AFAM, they may request to do a BDC under a corporate mission number, but only with permission of CAP’s National Operations Center (NOC).

   b. Members desiring to participate should advise their Wing POC who will submit attendance information to the National IC. Participating members must have Wing Commander and NOC approval.

   c. Once a Wing is approved to participate under the OPL AFAM (or under a corporated mission number), they will be free to coordinate locally with its blood collection agency for BDC operations. The OPL IC, and Incident Management Team members, will be available to assist with such coordination. You can reach any of them by going to

   d. Further guidance on BDC operations can be found at the mission Operations Plan at Operations Plan - Operation Pulse Lift 1 Oct 2022 - 30 September 2023.pdf (    

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