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Emergency Locator Transmitter False Alert Information

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) developed the following posters as part of their: SARSAT BEACON ACCIDENTAL ACTIVATION PREVENTION (SBAAP) INITIATIVE

It would be helpful if CAP members would coordinate the posting of the PDFs at airfields, maintenance shops and anywhere else Civil Air Patrol members think they will reach the audience.

The command message from the SARSAT program, AFRCC, USCG, NASA and NOAA is fairly simple-
1) Always ensure you are conducting self-tests and annual tests according to the manufacturer’s instructions for your ELT.
2) Register your ELT at
3) If you realize you have accidentally activated your beacon, call the US Air Force Rescue Coordination Center at 1-800-851-3051 or your nearest FAA Air Traffic facility with your beacon’s hex ID ready to cancel the false alert.

SARSAT False Alert Flyer

SARSAT ELT Testing Flyer

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