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Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)

Civil Air Patrol is a subscriber to the National Communications System (NCS) Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) program.  GETS provides priority access to key personnel during disasters and emergencies.  Wing and region commanders will determine which CAP members must have GETS access and authorize their participation in the GETS program. 

At this time only the CAP/CC, CAP/CV, CAP/CS, CAP/CC’s key advisors and staff, wing and region commanders, vice commanders, chiefs of staff, directors of operations and assistants, directors of emergency services and assistants, ICs, and other key personnel designated by the wing and region commander will be allowed to participate. Members needing GETS access should apply at

Once the appropriate commander approves participation NHQ CAP/DO will coordinate getting a GETS card to the member. As CAP is not the only user of GETS, and there are agencies with higher priorities for support, we'd encourage members to plan early and request a GETS cards before a disaster strikes. In the event a member that needs priority access does not have a GETS card already, emergency requests for GETS access can be made by the wing or region commander or his/her designee to the CAP National Operations Center (NOC) at 888-211-1812 extension 300.

The NOC has a limited supply of stock cards available for distribution in an emergency. NHQ CAP/DO monitors CAP participation in the GETS program, and will coordinate annual reviews and validations with wing and region commanders to determine current needs. NHQ CAP/DO will perform periodic spot checks to determine if GETS access is being used properly, and must validate usage with the NCS GETS program office on a monthly basis. 

GETS will only be used for official business. Members and/or their wing or region will be responsible for any charges that are not directly attributable to an Air Force-Assigned Mission. Members who use GETS will advise NHQ CAP/DO of usage via email as time allows during or immediately following a mission at

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