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Sortie Reporting Requirements

CAP Regulation 60-3 paragraph 1-15 outlines the requirements for data entry into WMIRS including sorties. It says:

"1-15. Web Mission Information Reporting System (WMIRS). The IC is responsible for the accuracy and quality of the information in WMIRS. The IC may delegate WMIRS data entry as necessary but this delegation in no way releases the IC from the responsibility of ensuring data in WMIRS is current and correct.

  • The IC is responsible for ensuring all necessary WMIRS entries are completed and mission approvals are received prior to the launch of any sortie.
    • All sorties for 1st AF, 11th AF and 13th AF missions must be approved in advance.
    • An air sortie is one takeoff to one full stop landing. Additional sorties can be approved by the designated approval authorities for the mission on short notice for unexpected events. Additional information is also available on the NHQ CAP/DOS website.
    • Ground sorties are generally considered to be from when a team is released until they return.
  • After the crew is released for their approved sortie, the IC will ensure sortie departure times are entered into WMIRS as soon as that information is received by mission base personnel.
  • Upon sortie completion, the IC will ensure sortie duration, effectiveness, and any requested photos are entered into WMIRS. This information will be entered without delay. Photos will be marked in accordance with the needs of Air Force and the customer, but will contain, at the very least, a detailed description of the target, the latitude/longitude of the target, and the direction toward which the photo was taken. Contact the NOC for clarification if needed.
  • Sorties which divert and thereby incur an extra sortie must have their new sortie entered into WMIRS prior to departure.
  • If circumstances prevent the IC from ensuring all required data is entered into WMIRS in a timely manner, the IC will immediately contact the NOC for assistance."

Though these definititions do require some additional sorties to be entered, it is necessary to meet current Air Force Requirements so that CAP sorties can be reported consistantly with other Air Force Sorties for mission support to the Pentagon and other organizations as required.

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