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SQTR Information

SQTR's - Specialty Qualification Training Records

The task guides are what give the instructions for each individual task on the SQTR’s. There are three of these which are specific to each area of Emergency Services. You can click the links below and download a PDF version of the Task Guides.


Aircrew & Flightline Task Guide        Ground Team & UDF Task Guide       Mission Base Task Guide
    Aircrew & Flightline Curriculum          GT and UDF Team Curriculum         MB Staff and ICS Curriculum


SQTR’S are the forms that track what is needed for each Operations training position. You can use these forms on the field training exercises to document on paper the items that you qualified in. This is needed because the SET (Skills Examiner Trainer) has to sign off at the time of the training. You can then bring the paper back and enter the information into E-Services at your convenience.

There are currently 41 SQTR’s available in CAP Operations as listed below. 

Clicking here will take you to the "Ops Quals" web page where the SQTR's are located as Adobe PDF files to save or print for your use.

SQTR Listing

Personnel are only approved to serve in the above specialties by approved evaluators:
Skills Evaluator Training and Skills Evaluator Training Exam

Link to your:  "My Operations Qualifications",   "Ops Quals Users Guide",  &  SQTR Entry Instructions


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