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Glider Pilot

The requirements to become a Glider pilot in CAP are almost identical to the requirements to become a VFR pilot. Below is also the requirements to become a Glider Orientation Pilot. Just like the rest of the qualifications, you can look at the "What Do I Need?" area of Operations Qualifications to determine your specific requirements.

Checklist (Initial Requirements)

  • Be a current, active CAP member at least 16 years of age
  • Possess a valid FAA private or commercial glider pilot certificate

Checklist (After joining)

  • Enter flight documents in eServices as outlined in section 1 of the Pilot Onboarding Pamphlet
  • Complete the CAP Level 1 Course
  • Complete Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT)
  • Complete Aircraft Ground Handling (AGH)
  • Coordinate an orientation flight with your mentor and unit leadership
    • The orientation flight can be flown as a proficiency profile
  • Complete statement of understanding in Operations Qualifications
  • Once prepared for your Form 5 flight, schedule and fly as outlined in section 1 of the Pilot Onboarding Pamphlet

Glider Orientation Pilot

Those pilots that enjoy working with cadets should think about becoming orientation pilots.  Orientation pilots are given the opportunity to fly CAP cadets and after obtaining your FAA Glider Commercial license or completing at least 100 glider flights, you can fly CAP, AFROTC and AFJROTC cadets.

Below are the requirements to fly as a glider orientation pilot.


  • Complete FAA Glider Commercial certificate or 100 glider flights
  • Complete the “Orientation Pilot” online exam
  • Schedule a flight with an instructor to receive your orientation pilot endorsement
  • Have your commander endorse your “Orientation Pilot Demo - Glider” qualification
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