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How to find an Instructor, Check Pilot, or Aircraft

After you join the unit and hopefully find a mentor, you’ll need to be able to find and coordinate with an instructor to fly and get checked out in a CAP aircraft. In addition to an instructor, you’ll need to learn how to schedule the unit/wing aircraft and once you are comfortable in the aircraft you’ll nee to find a check pilot.  Your mentor or unit leadership will be able to help you with all three.

We are working on a tool to assist in finding an instructor, aircraft, and check pilot but at this time you’ll need to work with your unit to find the assets.  To help some, the links below can help you find what you need.

Because all wings and units are different, you will need to work with your unit to determine the availability of aircraft.

Instructor or Check Pilot

In the Operations Qualifications area of eServices you can pull up a unit report that provides the units instructors and check pilots.

Do the following to get to the report:

  • Log into eServices
  • In the left-hand menu, click on “Operations”
  • You’ll a listing of the Operations Qualifications where you click on “Operations Qualifications”
  • In the left-hand menu under Reports, click on “Reports”
  • From the Report dropdown, select “Specific Qualification Listing”
  • In the Member or Organization box, you will need to add your unit by Region and Unit. For example, SER-GA-xxx.
    • If you would like the entire Wing, enter the Wing, SER-GA-001
  • From the Qualifications dropdown, select “Instructor Pilot – Airplane” or desired type instructor
  • You will want to select those members that are “Active”
  • By selecting the “Include Contact Report” at the top of the screen next to the “Report” type dropdown, or in the Limit results To area, you can get email address and phone number for the instructors
  • Select the format you want the report: PDF, Word, Excel
  • Click View Report

The screen will look like the screen shot below once filled out.


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