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Navigating Operations Qualifications

One of the areas of eServices that you will using to track the completion of your checkride and other tasks is "Operations Qualification" or Ops Quals.  To get to Ops Quals, from your eServices home screen under "Operations", select “Operations Qualifications.” As a CAP Pilot, there are two separate qualification tracks that you will ultimately become familiar. The other area is the Web Mission Information Reporting System (WMIRS).  WMIRS will be where you find your mission information and load sortie information. The web pages below will focus mainly on the Pilot module in Ops Quals.

The pilot module consists of seven sections: FAA Requirements, Airplane, Glider, Balloon, CAPF 91, Prerequisites, and What Do I Need. The following web pages will review four of these sections: FAA Requirements, Airplane, Prerequisites, and What Do I Need. Each module is accessed by its link in the navigation column on the left. Once a selection is made, you will be prompted to enter a CAPID then click the search button (note: you may search by typing all or part of a name). Once a CAPID is selected, the links to each module will automatically be applied to the selected CAPID so no additional entry is necessary once a person has been initially selected. In most cases, you will be entering your CAP ID to view or enter your information.

Before reviewing the sections, there are two tools that will be available once a CAPID has been entered. The links for each of these tools will appear below the selected member’s name. “View Qualifications” and “View/Upload Documents” will become available anytime a CAPID has been selected.

View Qualifications. This link will open a window that provides a complete listing of all qualifications currently in the system and reflect either ACTIVE or EXPIRED.

View/Upload Documents. This link will open a window that provides a document uploader. When using the document uploader, ensure that you are uploading to the correct tab (i.e. Pilot for Pilot Documents); select the type of file to be uploaded, aircraft type when the document being uploaded is specific to the aircraft type (i.e. CAPF 5 or aircraft questionnaire). Click “Choose File” to find the file on your computer to upload. Click “Upload Pilot Files.” Under “Documents Uploaded” the newly added file will be listed. As a general rule, you should never remove files from this section.

The following list of documents should be uploaded as soon as possible:
     □    Pilot Certificate
     □    Instructor Certificate (if applicable)
     □    Medical Certificate, Basic Med Documentation (if applicable)
     □    Evidence of Flight Review (logbook entry, FAA Wings Certificate, etc.)
     □    Logbook endorsements for High Performance and Complex (if applicable)
     □    Most recent logbook page showing total PIC and cross-country time

Use the links below to access the pages that describe the "Pilot" Ops Quals areas you'll mainly be dealing.

FAA Requirements - Provides an area to upload: Pilot Certificate, Instrument Ratings, Medical information, Flight Review, etc.

Airplane/Glider/Balloon - Provides information on the aircraft checkout (Form 5) requirements.

Prerequisites - This area includes the prerequisites that must be completed to be qualified as a CAP Pilot.

What Do I Need? - This area provides one stop shopping to see what tasks are required to complete a qualification.


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