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Web Mission Information and Reporting System (WMIRS)

The Web Mission Information & Reporting System (WMIRS, pronounced “Whim-Ers”) is the system used to manage all mission activities for both ground and air assets. As a pilot, you will use WMIRS with every single flight because an aircraft only moves when on a mission and sortie that has been released through WMIRS. This section will explore the basic functions of WMIRS including mission selection, sortie creation, briefing/debriefing sorties, aircraft scheduling, and the maintenance module.

Like many systems you have probably used outside of CAP, WMIRS has multiple paths to accomplish the same task. This guide will simply show you one method of accomplishing the task.

You can use the links below to review the most common areas of WMIRS.

     - Navigating WMIRS
     - Current Missions
     - Air Sortie List Page
     - Air Sortie Add/Edit
     - Air Sortie Update
     - Selecting Pilots, Crewmembers, and Passengers
     - Pre-Flight Risk Assessment
     - Brief & Debrief Sortie and Form 104
     - Aircraft Discrepancy Log
     - Scheduling Module

WMIRS is a robust system that will be used every time you operate a CAP aircraft. Spending a few minutes becoming familiar with its layout and functions will make operating in this environment much more routine. There is no alternative method to WMIRS. This section of the guide has provided guidance for one method of accomplishing the basic tasks associated with flying CAP aircraft: mission selection, sortie creation, crew assignment, receipt document upload, aircraft discrepancy logs, and the scheduling module.


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