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Aircraft Discrepancy Log

CAP utilizes WMIRS to manage its Aircraft Discrepancy Logs. As such, there is no paper discrepancy log in any CAP aircraft. It is the pilot’s responsibility to check the electronic aircraft discrepancy log in WMIRS prior to each flight. This done through the "Maintenance Module" under "Support" in the left hand menu in WMIRS.


To access the discrepancy log, expand the “Support” menu in WMIRS and select “Maintenance Module.” Select “Aircraft Discrepancy Log from the list of links. When the page loads the wing will default to your wing of assignment. The Tail No. drop down is used to select the tail number of the aircraft’s discrepancy log.

Open Discrepancies are listed in one tab and Closed Discrepancies are listed in another tab. By default, open discrepancies are shown initially.

To add a discrepancy, complete the discrepancy form located directly below the discrepancy tabs. Always be sure to provide enough information for the issue to be researched thoroughly. Describe the problem and any conditions present when it occurred. Allow the mechanics to determine the course of action to remedy the problem. The pilot finding the discrepancy may ground the aircraft when appropriate. Refer to the Kinds of Operations Equipment List, if available, or consult with a unit maintenance officer to determine if the discrepancy is grounding for the aircraft. Do not enter corrective actions unless specifically instructed to do so by an authorized maintenance officer.

Use the “Add Record” button on the grey bottom screen toolbar to submit a discrepancy.
“Printable Log” allows for a printer friendly version of the open discrepancy log. This is useful if a copy of the discrepancy log needs to be carried for flight. Once the aircraft has been scheduled if any discrepancies are added an e-mail notification will be generated and sent to the pilot.

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