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Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
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Navigating WMIRS

By default, unless directed to WMIRS from an external link, you will see an initial page similar to the image above. This main screen has a navigation bar on the left (available throughout WMIRS), a mission search field, and a listing of all missions. Depending on your unit and duty assignment you may notice slight variations in what is shown in this guide and what you see with your specific login.

The left side navigation window is a series of expandable/collapsible modules with various functions in each. As noted elsewhere in this guide, depending on the duty assignments you hold and qualifications, you may occasionally notice some differences in the content available to you.

As a pilot, the two menus that you will utilize most often are the “Command” menu list and the “Support” menu list. The command menu allows you to select “Current Missions” which will bring up the listing of all missions. (This is usually the screen shown when you first enter WMIRS).

The “Support” menu and its important functions will be looked at a little later in this section.

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