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Pre-Flight Risk Assessment

Completion of the pre-flight risk assessment worksheet (or RAW) is accomplished through WMIRS in the sortie management pages. In the past, this process was commonly referred to using the term Operational Risk Management (ORM). Because this term refers to a much broader range of activities, CAP is moving away from using it to refer to pre-flight risk assessments.  However, for some time to come, “ORM” will still be found in older publications and throughout WMIRS in reference to risk assessment.  From the Air Sortie Update page (if accessing from the Air Sortie List, this is the page that loads when selecting “Edit” from the actions column) click the “ORM” button on the grey toolbar on the bottom of the screen. A page similar to the following will load:

Each section requires a response. Select the radio button that best represents the conditions at the time the sortie will be flown. After completing the form, select “Submit” at the bottom of the form. If there were any omissions an error message will be received, and you will be required to enter a response before continuing.

Once the form is submitted, you may close the dialogue window with the ORM Survey and then notice the grey toolbar ORM button will be replaced by hyperlinked text that describes the risk assessment.

This score helps determine if the FRO or a higher-level staff member must approve the sortie.            

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