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Scheduling Module

The scheduling module is accessed from the “Support” menu by selecting “Scheduling Module.” WMIRS is the only scheduling tool used to control and check aircraft scheduling.

Each sortie scheduled for an aircraft will show up as a single entry on the day it is scheduled. Hovering over entries will provide addition informational about that entry.

To add an entry, click on the hyperlinked date on which you want to schedule an aircraft. This will open a scheduling window to allow selection of the aircraft and mission. At the bottom of the mission drop down menu is an option for “TBD” or “to be determined.” The TBD function is useful if the time needs to be blocked but you’re unable to load a sortie at time of scheduling for some reason. When a scheduling conflict occurs, notification will show that the aircraft has been overbooked.


The system will allow double booking so always make sure that the conflict is resolved before flying. If the sortie is created via the add sortie process described previously, then it is not necessary to use the scheduling module. Instead, when the calendar is viewed, the sortie will automatically be reflected on the calendar.

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