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Selecting Pilots, Crewmembers, and Passengers

Regardless of the type of mission, each member must sign in to each mission. After the initial sign in, in most cases, for the duration of the mission the member’s name will remain in the drop-down list for selection and assignment on a sortie. The following steps will guide you through adding a new member (yourself or other member) to the mission list for assignment.

STEP 1: Sign In New Person:  In the select crew drop down, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Sign In New Person.”   

Note: if the person is already signed in, simply select that member.

STEP 2: Find Members by CAPID:  In the space provided enter the CAPID(s) of the member(s) to be added to the mission sign-in. Up to four CAPID numbers may be entered at a time. The member(s) selected will be returned after searching in a table. The table will show their sign in status, membership status, and safety currency.

Additionally, selection of the role the member will perform will be selectable.

Note: there is an individual and a group sign-in. Either sign-in method will allow sign in of a single member.

STEP 3: Assign Crew Postion:  After signing in a member and upon returning to the sortie page, ensure the member has been selected if not automatically loaded. Once the member is selected use the adjacent selection box to assign a duty to the member on the sortie. The roles available vary based on the type of mission being flown.
Click “Update” on the grey tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

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