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sUAS Training Material

Below is the CAP sUAS training material

Basic Course

    - CAP Part 107 Training_2018

    - CAP Photoscan Image Processing_2018

    - CAP QGIS Training_2018

    - CAP RPV MissionTraining_Basic_2019_a

Advanced Course

    - CAP RPV MissionTraining_E384_2018

    - CAP RPV MissionTraining_E384FixedWingCourse

    - CAP RPV MissionTraining_EQandE384_2019_a

Video Training

    - Ground Station Pro Mission Plan

    - Photoscan Training Video 2018

    - QGIS Example NoWM

sUAS Training Attitude Checks

    - Aviation Culture in UAS

    - Critical Infrastructure

    - sUAS Record Keeping

    - UAS Legal issues

    - What it means to be a UAS Officer in CAP

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