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Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
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Public Affairs

Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters Public Affairs Staff

Public Affairs

334-953-7748 or 877-227-9142 (toll free)

General email inquiries:


Julie DeBardelaben, Deputy Director

Ext. 250


Steve Cox, Public Affairs Manager

Ext. 251


Dan Bailey, Editor Online News

Ext. 255


Rebecca Brown, Social Media and Marketing Manager

Ext. 430

Lt Col Andrew Oppmann, National News Coordinator

(615) 339-8851

Maj Robert Bowden, Public Affairs Photographer

(248) 756-7218

Lt Col Paul Cianciolo, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

(301) 751-2011

Lt Col Steven Solomon, National Public Affairs Training Coordinator

(240) 505-6279

Capt Jessica Jerwa, Social Media Analyst

(206) 999-4808


C/Lt Col Jodie Gawthorp, Asst Social Media Advisor for Messages Targeting Youth

(708) 710-8885

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