National Commander's Videos

Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP national commander, is presenting a weekly series of videos addressing aspects of CAP’s various missions and the way members can best carry them out.

Series 2
Cadet Lift Program

Cadet Take Off Program

Cadet Wings Program

Intro to Why Series

Why Series: NCSAs

Why Series: Aerospace Education

Why Series: Serving on a Cadet Advisory Council

Why Series: Emergency Services

Why Series: Cadet Programs

Why Series: Cadet to Senior Member Transition

Why Series: Command Positions

Intro to Core Values Series

Core Values Series: Integrity

Core Values Series: Volunteer Service

Core Values Series: Excellence

Core Values Series: Respect

Leadership Series: Introduction

Leadership Series: Leadership Styles

Leadership Series: Introduction: Servant Leadership

Leadership Series: Servant Leadership: Person of Integrity

Leadership Series: Servant Leadership: Steward of the Organization

Leadership Series: Servant Leadership: Helping Members of the Organization Succeed

Leadership Series: Tips for Effective Leadership: A Privilege and an Obligation

Leadership Series: Tips for Effective Leadership: Authentic Leadership

Leadership Series: Tips for Effective Leadership: Communication

Leadership Series: Tips for Effective Leadership: Trust

Leadership Series: Tips for Effective Leadership: Accountability


Series 1

Intro to Briefing Series: Excellence in Performance

Excellence in Mission Accomplishment




Preserving CAP's History


Aircrew Professionalism

Self Improvement

Leadership Development and Training

Intro to Briefing Series: Recruiting and Retention

Presence in the Local Community

Importance of Effective PA

Tailoring the Message and Expectation Management

Ensuring People Can Get in Touch

An Opportunity for Enhancing Diversity

Bridging the Gap

Understanding Volunteer Motives

The Importance of Recognition

Mentorship, Again

Don't Waste People's Time

The Importance of Effective PA in Retention

Wrap Up

At the Southeast Region Conference