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AE Publications, Regulations and Forms


Type Publication    Date     Title Priority
Regulation CAPR 50-1  9 Nov 20                  Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Mission (replaces CAPR 280-2) A
Regulation CAPR 50-20


1 May 18

 CAP Model Rocketry Program regulation now a part of CAPR 50-1 C
Pamphlet CAPP 50-1  1 May 18  Aerospace Education Officer Handbook A
Pamphlet CAPP 50-2 Aug 18 AE Specialty Track Study Guide A
Pamphlet CAPP MRH  10 Dec 09  CAP Model Rocketry Handbook A
Pamphlet CAPP 215  24 Mar 10  Specialty Track Study Guide-Aerospace Education Officer A
Pamphlet CAPP 52        Apr 10  Today’s Cadets, Tomorrow’s Aerospace Leaders C
Pamphlet CAPP 52-7        Apr 09  Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus B
Pamphlet CAPP 52-11  01 Aug 03  Sally Ride Science Festivals - Project Officer's Guide C
Form CAPF 5AQ    CAPF 5 Airplane Questionnaire B
Form CAPF 5GQ    CAPF 5 Glider Questionnaire B
Form CAPF 13  Jan 22  Aerospace Education Membership Application A
Form CAPF  23    Civil Air Patrol General Purpose Answer Sheet A
Form CAPF 50-1    The Frank G. Brewer CAP Memorial Aerospace Award A
Form CAPF 72    CAP Military Airlift (MILAIR) Request Form A
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