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2014 AFA Aerospace/STEM Ed CAP Educator Grant Winners

September 11, 2014

AFA Aerospace/STEM Ed CAP Educator Grant Winners 
2014 Summer Cycle

Projects Selected to Promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Subjects and Careers to Youth

Thanks to the Air Force Association for Grant Funds!


  • Baton Rouge Capital City Composite Squadron, Baton Rouge, LA, AEO Capt Jeffry Handal- New Rocketry Program
  • Beaufort Composite Squadron, Beaufort, SC, AEO Capt Katrina Thompson- AE Workshop Day
  • Castle Valley Composite Squadron, Dale, UT , AEOs 1Lt Gary Wadley/1Lt Bill Pilkington- Hill AFB, Clark Planetarium, and Provo Control Tower Tours
  • Clarion Composite Squadron 504, Strattanville, PA, AEO 2Lt Brian Bogstad- Saturn Stage Rocketry Program
  • Cornelius R. Coffey Composite Squadron, Lunwood, IL, AEO 2Lt Gerard Smith- K'Nex Education Exploring Machines Project
  • Erie Composite Squadron 502, Erie, PA, AEO Maj Fred Zeyfang- From History to Lift-off! USAF Museum and Rocketry Program
  • Goddard Cadet Squadron, Lancaster, MA, AEO Capt Kent Hartig- Build and Fly MQ-9 Predator UAV with Camera
  • Harrisburg International Composite Squadron 306, Harrisburg, PA, AEO 1Lt Ivan Sears- R-Pi Computer Kits for CyberPatriot Training
  • Homestead ARB Cadet Squadron, Key Largo, FL, AEO Maj Bonnie Hinick-Baldatti- Advanced Rocketry Program
  • Lewis Composite Squadron, Joliet, IL, AEO1Lt Thomas Schramka- Helio Quadcopter R/C Program
  • NE Philadelphia Composite Squadron, Philadelphia, PA, AEO Maj Andrew Notarfrancesco-Advanced Astronomy
  • 130th Composite Squadron, Burnsville, MN- AEO, Lt Col Steven Marquez- Aerospace Education Excellence Rocketry Program
  • Ormond Beach Composite Squadron, FL, AEO 1Lt Gositha Haduwalal Dewage- US Patriot Rocketry Program
  • Opa Locka Cadet Squadron, Miami, FL, AEO 2Lt Roberto Rodriguez-Dimensions to AE Excellence Program
  • Plano Mustangs Composite Squadron, Plano, TX, AEO 1Lt Yoram Solomon-Quaadcopter Reconnaissance Project
  • St. Augustine Composite Squadron, St. Augustine, FL, AEO Capt Gene Melton- Saturday Ground School
  • TI-CO Composite Squadron, Daytona Beach, FL, AEO 1Lt Mark Sickle, Sr. - Building Large UAV for RC Academy
  • Tuskegee Cadet Squadron, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, DC, AEO Capt Aaron Sisko- Tuskegee P51- Mustang R/C Project
  • Valkyrie CadetSquadron, Denver, CO, AEO Maj Thomas Scheffel- Launch, Telemetry, and Video Data Program
  • Willow Grove Squadron 902, Willow Grove, PA, AEO Capt Robert Montgomery- West MI Overnight USAF Museum Trip

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