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Squadron Plan of Action report no longer required

October 8, 2020

All AEOs should have recently received a letter informing you that the Squadron AE POA is no longer a requirement. Squadron AEOs should still plan how you will conduct AE throughout the year; however you don’t have to complete and submit a report like before.  Consider reviewing the AE Annual Activity Report to give you ideas on the many different activities you can conduct to help you accomplish the AE mission. We are also asking wing DAEs and squadron AEOs to continue to work together and share ideas on how to best accomplish the AE mission.

CAPR 50-1 is in coordination and should be available soon.  Changes to the Wing AE POA, the AE Annual Activity Report, and the Squadron AE Achievement Award are also being worked and will be available soon.  Additionally, CAPP 50-1 is being revised to accommodate the necessary changes. Find a copy of the memo here. If you have any questions, email us at

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