How the Curry Uniform Voucher Works The Curry Uniform Voucher provides cadets with financial support to assist them in purchasing their first uniforms, upon their earning Achievement 1, The Curry Achievement. (1) Self-Declare Financial Need in Membership Application. The cadet declares their financial need category when they complete the membership form (CAPF 15 or online form). This step applies to cadets who joined after 1 October 2022. (2) Earn the Curry Achievement. The cadet completes the ... tasks necessary for the first promotion and earns the Curry Achievement. (3) Voucher Arrives. Within 5 days of officially completing Achievement 1, cadets receive their voucher email containing a unique "coupon code" from our uniform partner, Vanguard. The email comes from and is sent to the cadet, the primary parent email, Commander and Deputy Commander for Cadets. Voucher Amount. The voucher amount will be $100 for all cadets who joined before 1 October 2022. Starting 1 ... assistance in the past 12 months from SNAP, WIC, Unemployment, free/reduced school lunch, etc. 2nd Priority cadets receive a $125 voucher. This includes families with 2 or more cadets enrolled, or incomes under $80,000 3rd Priority cadets receive a $75 voucher (default amount). This includes families not eligible for Priority 1 or 2, but the family declares they are facing financial challenges Voluntary Opt-Out for cadets who do not require assistance to obtain a uniform (4) Shop. The
When Chief Master Sergeant of the U.S. Air Force Kaleth Wright speaks with fellow airmen his uniform is perfect. Is yours? YOUR UNIFORM is a visual representation of your commitment to the Core Values. Because uniforms are unique — only CAP cadets wear the CAP cadet uniform — they are a source of pride. Wearing the uniform is part of your leadership training. The uniform helps you develop self-discipline, personal responsibility, and self-respect. Whenever you wear the uniform, you ... represent not just yourself but also all of CAP and the U.S. Air Force, so wear the uniform with pride. How to Obtain Uniforms Your squadron may be able to provide some uniform articles for free. If not, consider our uniform partner, Vanguard, or if you live near an Air Force installation, ask local leaders about the military clothing sales store. Upon completing Achievement 1, CAP provides cadets with a Curry Uniform Voucher via email to help offset costs for the two uniforms. Again, some articles may be ... available for free locally. The approximate cost for both uniforms is $380 without the voucher. When a cadet outgrows a uniform or leaves CAP, we ask families to turn those items in to the squadron so other cadets might use them. How to Prepare Your Uniform For a quick start, see pages 16-17 in the New Cadet Guide, pictured below. Ten Tips for Looking Sharp in Uniform Keep your insignia in a special place at home. Prepare your uniform the night before you wear it. Trim loose strings
Aerospace Education Members (AEMs), our teacher members, do not wear a CAP uniform.
Only actively serving CAP members are permitted to wear the CAP uniform.
Adult members may wear the USAF-style uniforms or one of the distinctive CAP uniforms, but usually, some type of uniform is required to participate in activities, events and missions.
Cadets need one uniform to get started. Eventually, the cadet will want to have both the camouflage utility uniform (ABUs) and the Air Force-style service uniform, "blues." Upon completing Achievement 1 and becoming a Cadet Airman, cadets qualify for the Curry Uniform Voucher, which covers some of the costs of the ABUs and Air Force-style blue uniforms. Before you purchase any uniform items, please be sure to speak with your squadron leaders. They can help ensure you're getting the right uniform and may be able to provide information on how to obtain it locally.
learn how to improve the course for next time. Curriculum Suggestions Course directors are encouraged to send their comments and suggestions about the Great Start program to their Wing Director of Cadet Programs and/or National Headquarters. Curry Uniform Vouchers Within 5 days of officially completing Achievement 1, cadets receive an email from Vanguard containing their uniform voucher information. Vouchers take the form of a credit at our uniform partner, Vanguard. After 1 October ... 2022 voucher amounts are determined based on the family's financial need as declared in the membership application and vary between $75 and $175. Curry Uniform Vouchers expire 45 days after issuance. Vouchers are not renewable and are not transferrable. See for more information. Great Start Main Menu
Cadet Sponsor Members CAP can always use more adult volunteers. If you are willing to serve occasionally as a chaperone or driver, consider joining as a Cadet Sponsor Member. CSMs pay a reduced rate of national dues and are exempt from local dues. To ensure they understand CAP missions and their role in supporting cadets, CSMs complete the Level I Orientation Course, and for safety are screened and trained per our cadet protection standards. For a uniform, CSMs may wear a distinctive CAP uniform such as a
Describe the purpose of, and practice, basic military customs and courtesies Describe the purpose of the uniform in CAP; identify basic standards governing the wear of the uniform Summarize how cadets complete achievements in CAP Describe expected positive cadet behaviors and possible responses to misconduct Participate in a 360° feedback session Complete the Curry leadership assessment Lessons 3.1 Followership Key Question: What are the foundations ... of leadership? 3.2 Team Leadership Problems Teambuilding activities emphasizing active listening and followership 3.3 Drill & Ceremonies Cadets gain proficiency in performing basic drill movements 3.4 The Chain of Command Key Question: What’s a chain of command and how does it work in CAP? 3.5 Customs & Courtesies Key Question: How do cadets demonstrate respect for leaders and subordinates? 3.6 The Cadet Uniform Key Question: Why and how do cadets wear ... the uniform? 3.7 Grade Insignia Key Question: How can you identify a cadet’s rank? 3.8 Cadet Progression Key Question: How do cadets rank up in CAP? 3.9 Cadet Expectations- Cadet Expectations to be included in forthcoming edition of New Cadet Guide Key Question: How do cadets behave and what interventions can they expect from misconduct? 3.10 Jeopardy Curry Review- Playable Jeopardy Review coming October 2022 Review Leadership Chapter 1 3.11 Leadership Assessment Complete leadership chapter 1 assessment task 3.12 Feedback Meeting Key Question: How do cadets and leaders evaluate and discuss individual performance? CAPF 60-91 Back to lesson plans Last update: 9/26/22
at that point. They may visit the squadron, but should be directed to the next Great Start cycle to being their membership. Student Uniforms With both prospective and new cadets participating in the course, the unit will need to be flexible in its policy about uniforms. If cadets possess a uniform, they should wear it. Prospective cadets and new cadets without a uniform might wear an interim uniform – jeans and a distinctive t-shirt, perhaps. Ideally, all students will complete their Curry ... Achievement and receive the Curry Uniform Voucher with credit toward their cadet uniforms immediately after graduating from the course. Cadets must possess and properly wear the Blues or ABU uniform within 60 days following their completing Achievement 1. Additionally, participation in the Orientation Flight requires cadets to wear a uniform. If the unit maintains a “uniform closet” the items may be loaned or distributed for this purpose. For more about the Cadet Uniform Program, see
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