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AD 2003-24-13 *****

December 11, 2003

AD2003-24-13 Cessna Aircraft Company: Amendment 39-13382; Docket No. 2003-CE-28-AD. 

This AD applies to 172R/S, 182S/T, T182T, 206H, T206H models with specific serial #'s.  This AD pertains to KAP 140 autopilot computer systems, part number 065-00176-2602, 065-00176-5402, or 065-00176-7702 and are certificated in any category.  Follow Honeywell SB No. KC 140-M1 dated August 2002, as specified in Cessna SB02-22-01, dated November 25, 2002.  Note from NHQ/LGM: Have your FBO contact Honeywell to get approval so no costs are incurred by the Wing.

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