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**Update** AD 2024-07-07 GA8 Forward Cargo Door slide

May 8, 2024

This AD applies to all 16 CAP GA8 Airvans and was issued to correct an unsafe condition identified as excessive wear in the forward cargo door slide, which could result in an in-flight separation of the cargo door, with possible loss of control of the airplane. This AD requires inspections and modifications of the cargo door with corrective action as necessary. The FAA is superseding the Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2010-18-06


CAP/LGM took proactive measures by initiating compliance with the AD earlier than the FAA's scheduled effective date, our GA8 fleet will ground in AMRAD on 8 Jul 24 if this AD is not completed. We have placed an order with Gippsland for necessary parts, some of which are unfortunately back ordered with no confirmed shipping date.

Because of the uncertainty with the parts, we think it's best to slide our timeline back to the FAA's deadline of 3 Aug 24. So, we're changing AMRAD to reflect the new due date of 3 Aug 24. We're hopeful the parts will arrive before this date. If not, we'll have to ground these aircraft until this is resolved.

This AD is effective 3 June 2024 for CAP aircraft and must be completed within 50hrs TIS or 2 months.

See FAA AD file here: Link

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Rodger Kirkpatrick


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