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AmSafe Inflatable Seatbelt Inflators News Letters

May 12, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Cessna has released service letters: SEL-25-04, SEL-25-05 and SEL-25-06, all pertaining to the AmSafe Inflatable Seatbelt Inflators installed in Cessna 172, 182 and 206 aircraft. AmSafe has produced a new style inflator (pn# 512847-401) and upon expiration or replacement of the old style inflator the new style will require additional parts to install. NHQ/LGM will provide the new style inflator and additional parts to the field as the old style inflators meet their time change limits.  And speaking of time change limits Amsafe recently increased the time limit on the old style inflators to 12 years. If an old style inflator has a “date of manufacture” tag add 12 years to this date. If an old style inflator has an expiration date tag add 5 years to this date. However the new style inflators (pn# 512847-401) will only have a 10 year life span.  This could cause some problems if our record keeping is not accurate. Call NHQ/LGM with any questions. Thanks.

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Nelson "Dan" Daniel
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