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Call for Proposals National Conference 2021

Call for Proposals

2021 National Conference

The 2021 CAP National conference will be the organization's first hybrid face to face and online conference. This presents CAP with both unique opportunities and unique challenges.

In order to provide the best possible experience to members CAP is issuing a call for proposals to present on site and virtual conference presentations. National staff and members may submit a conference proposal. All proposals will be evaluated by a team made up of volunteer members and national staff, and then vetted by the respective offices and functional areas for mission relevance and accuracy.


19 February - Proposal form open for submissions

8 March - Deadline for proposal submissions

15 April - Conference schedule set and presenters notified


Proud Past - Envisioning the Future

When developing your conference presentation proposal be sure to consider how it relates to the conference theme of Proud Past - Envisioning the Future. The consider who your target audience is, and what opportunities for engagement and interaction you will include. To help you in crafting the best proposal you can for your presentation, use the NASPA Program Submission Guidelines. These guidelines will provide in depth information about the major components of your proposal and provide good (and bad) examples of each.

NASPA Program Submission Guidelines

Remember that whether you are presenting in person or virtually your goal is to provide the best possible experience to your fellow CAP members. To do that you will have to avoid “death by PowerPoint” and focus on how to get your audience fully engaged, and interacting with you, your presentation, and each other.

Sample Submissions


Submit proposal graphic link to conference proposal form image features pictures of prior conference and text stating Submit Proposal










If you have questions please send them here.

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