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Welcome to the Curriculum section of the Aerospace Education portion of the Civil Air Patrol website. CAP AE offers more than 40 educational products that deliver hundreds of lesson plans to its senior members, cadets and educator members. The lessons cover K-12 and beyond and range from a 685-page textbook to booklets of hands-on activities for the very young learners. Subjects such as rocketry, robotics, flight, space, weather, mathematics, physical science, life science and unmanned aerial systems are just a few of the amazing areas these lessons cover.

Explore these pages to learn all that our curriculum has to offer. Visit our product overview page now.

Now Available: Women in Aviation

The cover of the Women in Aviation booklet

The newest addition to the Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education curriculum library is "Women in Aviation." The hands-on lesson book provides an introduction to and a historical account of the contributions women have made to the field of aviation and aerospace since the beginning of the 20th century. Project Manager Lt. Col. Randy Carlson (California Wing) focused on the stories of 12 diverse women, each representing a different chapter. Each chapter involves model-building relating to the aircraft that aviator flew. Also included with the hands-on activities are discussion questions and other activities designed to connect these aviators from the past with today's youth. For instance, cadets and students are asked to explore present-day gender barriers that have recently been broken or have not yet been broken. The book aligns with national academic standards and highlights a wide variety of careers.


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