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Announcing the Cadet Super Chart

Posted on March 30, 2009 at 12:00 AM by Steven Trupp

A baseball box score renders 200 bits of information, on average, in a space about 6 inches square. Read it over morning coffee and you can accurately reconstruct how mercilessly Jeter and the Yanks put down the Sox the night before. If only the details of the CAP Cadet Program could be displayed with the box score’s economy. Enter the Cadet Super Chart.

The Cadet Super Chart brings together data from several charts – the “Path of Progression,” the “Leadership Expectations,” the “CPFT Standards,” and more. It’s sure to become a fixture on every squadron bulletin board and every cadet’s bedroom wall.

Our inspiration was Edward Tufte, the “Leonard da Vinci of Data.” Tufte teaches that the best information design is high resolution (dense like a box score), unadorned with chart junk or fluff, and inclusive of multiple streams of data, usually presented in parallel against a timeline. If you’re interested in displays like the Cadet Super Chart, check out ET’s marvelous work over at

Watch for the Cadet Super Chart to become available in hard copy (24” x 36” and 11” x 17”) this spring. In the meantime, feel free to use this draft edition (warning: 10.7mb PDF).

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