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Updated CAPR 39-1

Posted on June 30, 2014 at 12:00 AM by Steven Trupp

 The new uniform manual is out, available here, and while it does a great job of explaining how to correctly wear the uniform, some members have been confused about how to measure the 1" for cadet officer grade on the BDUs.  

Question:  Where does cadet officer grade insignia go on the Battle Dress Uniform and the Corporate Field Uniform?

CAPM 39-1 (26 June 2014) states, " Cadet officers center regular size, full color embroidered insignia on ultramarine blue cloth sewn on the collar one inch from the front of the collar and centered. All insignia will have 1/8 inch of blue showing at the widest and tallest point of the insignia. Cadet Colonels and Cadet Captains may wear miniature, embroidered insignia."

Figure A5-6 appears to show the 1" measurement from the edge of the collar to the edge of the blue cloth, which is 1/8" from the insignia.  

However, the measurement is 1" from the front of the collar to the insignia itself, or 7/8" from the front of the collar to the blue cloth.

Future version of CAPM 39-1 will clarify the graphic.      

Chair, National Uniform Committee

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