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Cadet Drill Guide

Posted on April 6, 2010 at 12:00 AM by Joe Curry

Ever since the Air Force went to electronic-only publishing for their manuals, we haven't had the Drill & Ceremonies Manual available in hard copy format. The good news is most of the time most cadets don't need the full manual, but they do need some kind of training aid. Enter the Cadet Drill Guide.

The Cadet Drill Guide fits in your pocket and outlines the main rules governing the main drill movements. We designed this with cadet NCOs in mind. Next time a C/TSgt is teaching some airmen how to close and extend for example, he or she can whip out the Cadet Drill Guide and double-check the standards.

The guide also includes info on what movements cadets need to know at each achievement (under the upcoming L2L textbook rules).

We plan to add it to the New Cadet Kit in July, send every squadron a copy or two, and find a way for existing cadets and seniors to obtain one, too.

The Cadet Drill Guide will print at 3x5" (index card size) on the most durable paper our budget can afford.

The attached version is in draft status until 1 May. Please sound off if you have comments, find typos, etc.  (Low res file: photos may look fuzzy)


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