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Cadet Encampment Guide - Early Release

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 12:00 AM by Curt LaFond

Apologies to the cadet community. Due to an in-house error, our “Cadet Encampment Guide” was released to DCPs and National Board members before it was ready for the community’s review.

Encampment is the #1 cadet activity in terms of participation, so it’s no surprise that people have dived-in to a document that aims to set a nationwide standard for the encampment program.

I’m making this blog post to help the community understand a bit more about the encampment curriculum project and to ask everyone to bear with us a little while.
1.    A task force of encampment experts from around the US spent two days at Maxwell conferring about a nationwide standard for the encampment program.
2.    Substantive matters in the "preprint" that DCPs and Wing CCs saw are still being discussed within the task force.
3.    The draft guide will soon be posted to the Cadet Proving Grounds for the cadet community at large to review and comment upon, as is the norm for all cadet publications.
4.    We’re hosting a seminar about the encampment project during the Baltimore National Boards – please join us if you can.
5.    We will field test the draft program guidance and curricula during one of the “Christmas encampments” this winter, and no doubt make still more revisions to those drafts.
People who look at the “preprint” guide will want to know what practical effect it will have on their encampment operations, their local traditions, their unique facilities, etc. If that preprint conflicts with their local traditions, much unnecessary consternation could ensue. Please help us by asking your team to bear with us a bit longer while we continue preparing the “official” draft for the Cadet Proving Grounds.
Truly, we will want to hear what people think about national encampment standards, but we’re not quite ready to begin that discussion. Thank you. 
- Curt LaFond

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