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The New Cadet Guide

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 12:00 AM by Curt LaFond

When new cadets join CAP, NHQ mails them their cadet textbooks and other resources. The draft "New Cadet Guide" would collect some of those secondary resources under a single cover and, more importantly, provide step-by-step guidance for brand new cadets. How to wear the uniform, the Super Chart, and how to register in eServices are still there. Newly added is expectations for first year cadets, a fillable chain of command, basic information about cadet protection policies, an overview of the CPFT, and more.

This draft is partially built upon the "Cadets Take Off" resource that had been in the Proving Grounds for several months. We had a lot of mixed reactions to that document and hope that this different approach in the New Cadet Guide provides a more effective tool for brand new cadets.

We'll be shipping the New Cadet Guide to new cadets via the New Cadet Kit beginning this fall.  (Sorry, no, we're not shipping it retroactively to all cadets.) Depending on the feedback we get this fall, we might continue that distribution into '14 and beyond. Perhaps your feedback will result in our making edits to this draft. Alternatively, perhaps we'll not provide the New Cadet Guide via the New Cadet Kit but instead provide squadrons with a supply every year. With that last option, we make critical information available to new cadets even earlier, versus having them wait for their books to arrive in the mail, though there are obvious disadvantages to that type of distribution such as the chance of new cadets not receiving anything if local leaders misplace their inventory.

One final note, this draft is low-resolution, so most images are blurry and pixelated. Alternatively, you can download the high resolution PDF at 250mb.

Please look at this draft and sound off with your feedback. Even more, tell us what's the best way to support the needs of prospective and brand new cadets by commenting upon the distribution options. Thanks for your continued leadership.    
- curt


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