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CAPR 52-16 Updated

Posted on June 19, 2014 at 12:00 AM by Curt LaFond



The June 2014 edition of CAPR 52-16, Cadet Program Management, is now available. 

What’s in the new version? Mostly just housekeeping edits along these lines:

-        References the new encampment curriculum that is already in operation this summer

-        Introduces the “Cadet Wingman Course,” wrapping the Curry’s introduction to Core Values, safety, and new age-appropriate awareness training for Cadet Protection (1 October 2014)

-        Mandates the use of web-based activity calendars, as part of the new Cadet Protection Policy (1 September 2014)

-        Removes references to the “old” leadership textbook

-        Mentions that units can appoint their CAC representatives via eServices

-        Incorporates the “national accreditation” process for high-speed wing and region activities

-        Mentions the Quality Cadet Unit Award program

-        Adds information about the new Cadet Honor Academy program

-        Includes a handful of other innocuous updates just to keep the regulation up to date with reality.


New Requirements. We thought that would be it for edits, but a handful of substantive refinements that were not posted to the Proving Grounds in advance were added during the final executive coordination round. Here’s a summary:

      Requires cadet and composite squadrons to have at least two TLC graduates on their roster (1 April 2015)

-        Requires squadron meetings to fulfill the basic content requirements – 1.5 hrs leadership, 1.5 hrs aerospace, 1 hr fitness, 1 hr character per month (1September 2014)

-        Requires squadrons to match new cadets with mentors

-        Mandates the use of promotion boards, at least administratively, but in-person boards where the cadet discusses the CAPF 50 are required only once per phase (1 September 2014)

-        Clears-up a previously ambiguous matter regarding activities outside the home unit;, cadets will need unit, wing, and region approval, as the case may be, to participate outside the squadron (1 September 2014)

 Region and Wing DCPs (or their designees) are invited to participate in a webinar where we’ll discuss these changes and answer questions. To sign-up, please email Joanna Lee and indicate your preferred session.

Monday 23 June, 1200 hrs Central          
Tuesday 24 June, 1700 hrs Central

You can expect us to continue sharing new ideas with you through the Cadet Blog and our Proving Grounds website, whenever possible. Your input makes a real difference and we want to keep that going. Thank you for continuing to support the cadets.



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