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CAPM 36-2203

Posted on January 19, 2016 at 12:00 AM by Donna Bass-Maraman


CAP Members:

A year ago, I was asked how we can improve drill in CAP, since it’s such a great leadership tool.  I asked to be allowed to put together a drill manual for CAP.  AFMAN 36-2203 works all right for the Air Force, but with the importance of drill and ceremonies in our leadership laboratory, I thought we needed more.  I’ve had significant input from a team of drill experts from across the country, and we present here the result of many discussions and arguments.  I welcome your input before we finalize it.  It’s not perfect, and may not be perfect, but it provides our cadets better guidance than they’ve gotten from the AFMAN.  If you care about D&C in our cadet program, please take the time to read through this, compare, and let me know what works and doesn’t work for you.  Send your comments or updated content to me at


I’m looking for input on several areas:


First, the content.  We’ve stayed with the traditions of Air Force drill, and have only expanded the intent of the content from AFMAN 36-2203, except for one or two additions.  I’m happy to hear where people think we got it wrong – and will reexamine any content challenged as not being correct.


Second, the photos.  This may have been the hardest part of the manual to produce.  I know there are flaws in the photos, and may add a comment to the front page to the effect that “photos are of real CAP cadets performing drill movements.  They are not perfect, but convey how the movement is performed.”  I’m happy to accept photos of CAP cadets that people want to submit in lieu of the photos that are in the manual, but without a replacement that fixes an issue, we will go with the photos presented in the draft.

Third, the format.  This has been the most challenging part of the project.  Word does not like the large size of the document, and it is extremely difficult to make and save changes.  I’ve made some format changes many times, and for whatever reason, they don’t stick.  I will continue to work with the programs I have to present the best product.  I’m happy to hear of format errors or typos, and will endeavor to remove them from the final product.  There are some background issues in some of the figures that will be fixed before we publish the manual.  I am aware of them – it comes through the conversion from Word to pdf.

Lt Col Grace Edinboro, CAP

Drill and Ceremonies Training Coordinator, NHQ


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