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Active Cadet Fitness Program Beta Testing

Posted on January 25, 2016 at 12:00 AM by Joanna Lee

In December 2015 the National Cadet Team published a draft CAPP 52-18 with a new model of fitness program for cadets.  This has generated a great deal of feedback which has been read with great interest.  We are now opening the program to interested units for beta testing.  We invite units to sign up to participate in the testing of the new program.  By volunteering to try our the Active Cadet program you'll help us to identify best practices and correct problems with the new curriculum before the general roll out in Summer 2016.  Units must sign up before 15 February 2016 to be included in the test.

Beta Test Guidelines:  Units will continue to schedule a minimum of one hour of fitness programming each month.  Ideally this will include 15 minutes of classroom instruction and 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity.  During the beta test units will run two fitness assessments.  It's suggested that these be offered in February and May.  

Cadet Promotions:  An interim change letter to CAPR 52-16 has been published allowing units participating in the Active Cadet fitness beta test to promote cadets under the draft CAPP 52-18 guidelines.  Participating units will see a checkbox in the Cadet Promotions module of eServices that will indicate that the cadet has met the promotion requirements under the Active Cadet fitness program.  

Feedback:  Participating units will be asked to provide feedback at the start and end of the beta test.  Units may always send questions, comments, and concerns to throughout the testing process.

Spaatz:  Spaatz tests are specifically not included in the beta test.  To keep the Spaatz test fair for all cadets, the CPFT standards will remain the same for all cadets and are not affected by their home squadron's participation or non participation in the beta test.  

Sign Up:  Head to to read more about the new fitness program, the beta test process, and to sign up.


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